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Action Plan for Eczema Warriors

Whether this is your first time experiencing eczema or the 1000th flare-up. You or someone you truly care about lives with eczema. This post will be the guide they need to heal their eczema that has not been prescribed steroids and would like to know an alternative way. This Action Plan is for anyone who think they may benefit from following. I have used this plan not only for myself, but also for my youngest daughter.

I will be creating other versions like for TSW or those who suffer with side effects from prescribed medications like antibiotic ointment.

There will be 5 steps which are:

  1. Assessment

  2. Diagnosis

  3. Planning treatment

  4. Intervention

  5. Evaluation

I will elaborate and give examples for each step. This can be a guide for how to help heal eczema & let me give you a heads up, it will get repetitive.


How to asses eczema?

  1. Examine the body. Make sure there aren’t more than one affected area.

  2. Examine the affected areas & take pictures for personal and professional reasons.

  3. Make sick appointment with the primary medical doctor. Not an urgent care, unless they are who you see primarily for your health, but I highly recommend having a consistent healthcare team in your support care.

  4. Before going to the doctors begin documenting what you & possibly the family have been eating? What beauty, cleaning, and laundry products you have been using for the home environment? What material are the clothes, bed sheets, and pillows?

Documenting all of this will help with the process of elimination & its pretty cool to look back at the healing journey. It’s good to see that with time you will progressively heal.

Diagnosing Eczema

Typically your primary care providers will make the diagnosis, but they should also send you to see a skin specialist. Who are called dermatologist. When you visit this specialist the provider will ask about your medical history as well as your families. They will examine the “rash” and then biopsy (scrap some skin off the top layer) and send it for the pathologist to give a final diagnosis.

Remember there is more than one type of Eczema.

  • Atopic dermatitis

  • Contact dermatitis

  • Dyshidrotic eczema

  • Nummular eczema

  • Seborrheic dermatitis

  • Stasis dermatitis

It doesn't just end there. Oh no, see with eczema it goes deeper than the skin. You have to figure out what triggered your body to release this “rash”?


  • Asthma

  • Allergies such as seasonal, environmental, chemical or food allergies

  • Mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD

  • Gut problems like

  • not eating a healthy balanced diet

  • eating excessive amount of processed food fast food, fat oily food

  • Internal Gastric Problem like Ulcers, Acid Reflux, IBS/IBD.. There is a huge difference between the two

  • Over all poor hygiene

To find out what you are allergic to typically another specialist called immunologist aka allergy specialist tests you. It can be a blood test or a skin/patch test. The skin test is where they prick a section of your skin, like your back or arms, with samples of things you can possibly be allergic to and it's not a shot type of prick, it's more like Velcro pricks.

To understand the gut issues you would ask for a referral to a Gastroenterologist and I would also highly recommend seeing a nutritionist or dietician. If you are struggling mentally please seek a therapist or psychiatrist to help you find coping mechanisms. I feel having those specialists part of your care team would benefit you tons.

I know that this can be a lot and I know you have a lot of questions too. So here’s what I want you to do with those questions. Write them down. Yes, write down all your questions and know that you will get answers in the process of healing.

You can be given all the information I know but I will always tell you in the end to follow up with your medical care team. Something that I tell myself often is “teamwork makes the dream work” & if your doctors are not in the know, then how can they help you? It may take time, trials and errors. Consistency and proof but eventually your doctor will see the results and believe in the plan you have set out to help heal.

Planning treatment

Once you have gotten the 100% diagnosis next comes deciding if you will take the meds prescribed by the doctors or refuse the medication and ask for a referral to see a holistic(natural) doctor. Seeing a holistic naturopathic medical provider will prescribe natural remedies and supplements to help make the process more manageable.

Planning the care of action will be the tricky part for some. While for others it can be easy.

For me it was definitely tricky but with practice, patience & not giving up I am doing it. The whole idea of this action plan is to customize it to your needs.

Steps to planning the care of action

  • Antibiotics for infection- if indeed there is an infection

  • Process of elimination

  • Changes of products & clothing material

  • Eczema diet

  • Apple cider vinegar or bleach bath

  • Adding filters for your sinks and shower-head - YT videolink of me putting and changing filters

  • Supplements- vitamins, cannabis usage & allergy pills

  • UV Light Therapy

  • Cryotherapy

I will make a post and link for each step. This way it'll be easier to break down and you are not stuck here reading so much.

Remember healing takes time & is up to you on how you heal.


I know most of you are probably looking at this next title like “What”? What do you mean by intervention?

Well what I mean is if you are the caregiver, significant other, sibling, friend, neighbor or a simple stranger that has stumbled upon this post and knows someone with eczema this is a sign from the universe telling you to intervene and help that person who is suffering with eczema.

How does one intervene?

Simple, help distract the mind.

Here are some tips to help that person with the itch distract the mind

  • Call them

  • Giving them a ring to ask how their day is going, even though you have an idea as to their suffering, will be a great distraction. Giving the peep talk, motivation or just simply listen to their distress and remind them that they will surpass the itch and pain. Remind them how much you believe in them and their body to heal.

  • Invite person out

  • Whether you have transportation or not make plans to go out and I don't mean the club. A lot of the time those with eczema isolate themselves out of fear. Fear of being judged by our appearance. Fear of a flare up happening or simple just afraid to go out at all. The best way to intervene this isolation is taking baby steps in outings.

  • Inviting the person over to your place for simple hanging or binge watching a series

  • Walks through the park - small or big

  • Walks through the mall- can be early or late those are times when the mall is less crowded

  • Errand runs together

  • For moms play-dates are in order

  • Lunch or Dinner dates with people who truly care

  • Keep the body moving to distract the mind/itch.

  • When you are together it's always good to keep the body moving by any means necessary. Whether its by laughing, dancing, walking, running, or crying. Yes, I said crying lol. Anything to help distract and somewhat help you forget the unbearable itch.

  • Another way to intervene is let them scratch the itch. Time how long they are allowed to rub the itch. Try to help them manage better how they scratch the itch and how long to scratch for.

Please feel free to comment below your thoughts or opinions on what can be other ways to intervene and help those suffering with eczema.


The final step to the plan of action is Evaluate. To evaluate is to go over all that you have been doing to help the healing journey of your eczema. Review what you have eliminated in the process, all pictures, writing materials, meal plans, interventions and how the skin has progressed or not progressed. Make more notes as to what helped and didn’t help. What adjustments has to be made to make better progress. Pretty much you are restarting the plan of care over. Repeat the steps but only moving forward you'll have a better idea on how to maneuver down this journey to healing.

I will be making segment videos of my healing journey so others can see that, yes there is a great big light at the end of the tunnel of darkness. That there is living life with eczema & a happy one.

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