Dupixent NOT for my eczema

I’d like to start this post by saying thank you to those who patiently gave me time and space to give myself TLC. It was definitely much needed and I can say that I am ready to face head on!

On 01/03/2019 I was let go from my job. Their reason was because of tardiness, but really it was because I told my supervisor to fuxk off. Yep I did & I don't regret it one bit. See back then I was going through the most difficult time in my life and not just as a human but as a working mother. My health was deteriorating due to my work environment, home environment, eating habits and mental health.

I suffer with an autoimmune disease called eczema and while for a small percentage of people it goes and stays in remission this is my story on how it is still taking me time to figure how to do that.

In order to fully understand eczema you have to understand the person's history to their eczema.

This post may start a controversy but it's something I must do. I have been asked recently if dupixent helped my eczema?

I know that on social media my posts of how I reacted to dupixent didn't look good at all. That's because it was not a good reaction. I suffered a negative reaction to the medication which ended up costing me my job, but advocating even harder for the cause.

I dont have the test or data to back me up like the way scientists do, but I am living proof of suffering a bad reaction from a new medication, stopping the overall medication that only made my eczema worse and healing my eczema without using any topical,oral or injectable medication.

The only modern day technique I use is Phototherapy(Light Therapy).

Along with following my plan of action and listening to my body saved me from me.

The symptoms I experienced when on dupixent

  • Entire painful body flare

Even in my private areas and nipples. I was not able to have anyone touch any part of my body without me feeling a severe sting or sun burning sensation. Try hugging or picking up your baby when they need a hug, but all you feel is pain to the touch.

  • Severe neck and body pain - not stiffness

To the point that I couldn't even move my upper body or neck

  • Severe flaking

Like a snowglobe

  • Red Skin Syndrome - Covered from neck, arm, body to legs

The severe side effects only made my mental health worse. I went from just mild depression to major depression disorder. My anxiety literally made me stay home with my kids because I just couldn't handle being seen by others who automatically think what is wrong with your skin?

Going through the negative reaction help me identify what my body needs and this medication was not one of them.

I feel that because I introduced dupixent, an unknown biological specimen into my body. My body was trying to adjust to it but the reaction it gave was fighting the medicine off.

Which in turn put my body fighting with itself internally.

Just because the medicine is biological and doctors assume the human body is to adjust to it.

That is not always the case, especially with autoimmune disorders/diseases.

After I had stopped injecting myself with the medication, my body was still trying to heal.

Then came Light Therapy after doctors claimed Dupixent was my last resort.

What a life saver. I live in the state of Connecticut, USA where we have all 4 seasons, but when it comes to fall and winter it can be extra gloomy. Meaning no sun, no UV rays to penetrate my skin and help heal it up.

I am so fortunate to have state health insurance and a team of dermatology students that are willing to not just listen to me but put into action my theories.

Did Dupixent help heal my eczema, even though it gave me a negative reaction?

No, it did not. But for everyone reading this know that you can heal your eczema.

You can live a healthy happy life with eczema. You just have to find the will and others just like you. Surround yourself with people that get you 1000%.

I honestly believe that if it wasn't for me creating my fuxkeczema account on instagram I would still see things on my timeline that are irrelevant and only make me feel worse about myself. I’d still have these negative mindset and that’s not what you need.

That’s not what any of us need, but we are human and we make mistakes. Take the first step into finally acknowledging that you are human and that we are allowed to make mistakes, but learn from them. Like I learned from mine and like how we are trying to show the medical world to learn from theirs.

Thank you for reading & hope to hear from you soon

Stay Strong Warrior!